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Online presentation of the new version of Macroscop 4.0 will take place on November 24

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Macroscop 4.0 - At full power

Online presentation of the new version of Macroscop 4.0 will take place on November 24

Macroscop 4.0 - At full power! - the long-awaited release of a new version of the convenient Macroscop video surveillance software.
This is the most technologically advanced version of Macroscop, and we can't wait to tell you about all the new products! Moreover, we have introduced new features, while reducing the load on server hardware.
All updates are completely free and will become available to Eocortex users this month.

What news will we tell you about?
• Working with software has become many times faster! The speed of searching for objects and the speed of building reports on the search for license plates and people - 10 times!
• We reduced the load on RAM by 8 times, while increasing the responsiveness of the interface by 10 times
• You can also use twice as many cameras with the Face Recognition module on the same hardware

Register and find out how with the new version you can significantly reduce the load on the system.

You will also learn about new features!
• Watermark: How to keep your footage safe and be aware of the source of your footage being leaked
• New features of the fragment mode: viewing and downloading video fragments has become even more convenient
• New module from Macroscop! Count DIFFERENT types of objects: people, animals, various modes of transport

And that's not all - we made a real technological breakthrough and switched to a new database! We will tell and show how it all works, and how it will make life easier for our users as early as November 24 at 11:00 Moscow time.

Participation is possible only by registration via the link.